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  • Hangzhou Baichao has imported TRULASER3040/4000W laser cutting machine from Germany,BYSPRINT3015/3000W laser cutting maching from Switzerland,AMADA RG-355,RG1003,RG1030 CNC punching machines from Japan,BYSPRINT 160T,5M400T Bending machines from Switzerland.We also own Welding Robot,more than ten sets OTC and Panasonic and Hutong Welding equiments.As one of best sheet metal companies,we also have professionally relevant equipmengts,such as sandes with different functions and sizes,Shaper,Rounder machine,dilling machine,tapping machine,plate shearing machine,sawing machine,riveting press machine and so on.We have established dust-free assembly and electric assembly workshops.We always obey to concept that "only the best can satisfy with the best" and try our best to supply the most complete and meticulous service.

    Baichao upholds the managment concept that "Faith based, innovation goes a Iong way" and condenses a lot of Senior Technology Engineers、Sales Engineers、Professional Technicians and other kinds of outslanding management personnel who have skill、 experience、responsibility and dream. We grow stronger and traditional in High-end textile chemical fiber, bio-pharmaceuticals,environmental new energy and the traditional advantage sheet metal fabrication, meanwhile, the auto industry supporting sheet metal production was brought in and got a large market share which laid a good foundation for devoting ourselves to the upgrade of project development and the independent production .