The sheet metal factory teaches you how to tell sheet metal from painting


   In daily life, our car will inevitably happen some s […]

   In daily life, our car will inevitably happen some small rubbing. Perhaps the traces of these rubbed off the paint is not large, but for the car people, or distressed endless. To the car to do sheet metal painting is a must, but most people do not understand the professional sheet metal painting, but also worried about being cheated by the maintenance of the master. So, how to identify the quality of automotive sheet metal it?
   First, look at the degree of drying film
   We can use your fingers to force the paint to see if it is above the obvious hand lines. A hand pattern that is dry and poor results, dry film surface is not left any imprint.
   Second, look at the fullness of the film
   It is also one of the ways to test the quality of the film. In general, do a good paint, feel the paint floating on a layer of oil, looks full of glossy crystal through. If the paint film is too thick, then the paint color is not bright enough, there is a sense of turbidity. If the paint is too thin, the luster of the entire paint is not enough, and the color of the paint becomes bleak.
   Third, look at the dust accumulation of paint
   Technology excellent sheet metal painting, in the paint is not the accumulation of dust. When some of the maintenance of the master's operation should not be, or spray paint during the air is not filtered, it will see some small pits on the paint, that is, "dirty point, oil point", it is dust accumulated in our Car paint surface.
   Fourth, look at the color of the paint to restore
   This is a good understanding, that is, to fill the paint color and the original car paint color, whether consistent, the higher the degree of color reduction, the better the quality. We can drive to a light better place for multi-angle observation. Front, side, look straight, side view, through a different perspective to see the color contrast with the original paint.
   Five, look at the paint surface of the uniformity
   Standing distance from the car 10 ~ 20cm distance, check the paint on the surface of the pearl particles and silver particles to see if they are consistent with the original paint spray. You can also check the edge of the paint to see if it is smooth, gently touch the feeling of not scratching.
   On the use of paint materials, in a short time there is no way to identify. Because in a short time, high-quality paint and poor paint between the difficult to distinguish from the appearance. The main role of paint is anti-aging, anti-corrosion, these are time to be able to see.