The Scope and Application of Sheet Metal Processing


   Sheet metal processing With the continuous developme […]

   Sheet metal processing With the continuous development of the technological progress of production, the vast majority of the forming process is completed on the machine. Manual methods are often used as supplementary processing or finishing work. But in the case of single-piece production, or some of the more complex parts of the shape, still can not do without manual operation and processing. Hand-formed is mainly the use of some simple fetal type, by the mold and a variety of fixtures to complete. Hand-made mainly to take the following methods: bending, edge, edge, pull the edge, arch, curling, sewing correction. Sheet metal equipment
   The origin of sheet metal processing, with the thin plate structure manufacturing developed, with the development of computer technology, with the popularity of automation equipment, produced by a structure assembled. He needs to master the skills, mainly: mechanical structure mapping ability, mechanical structure decomposition capacity, sheet metal development computing power, general welding, welding, CO2 protection welding capacity, and with class ability.
   The quality of sheet metal parts in addition to strict requirements in the production process, is the need to be independent of the production of quality inspection, one by strict check the size of the drawings, the second is strictly check the appearance of the quality of the size of the discrepancies or repair, Allowing the collision, the color difference after spraying, corrosion resistance, adhesion and other tests. This can be found to expand the map error, bad habits in the process, the process of error, such as the number of red programming errors, mold errors and so on.