The Process Design of Sheet Metal Factory


    In order to meet the requirements of the product, a […]

    In order to meet the requirements of the product, appearance and other requirements, the sheet metal design should ensure that the stamping process is simple, stamping die making easy, sheet metal stamping high quality, dimensional stability. Detailed sheet metal design guidelines can be found in the "Parts Structural Design Processes" and "Design Guidelines for Manufacturing and Assembly for Products" published by the Machinery Industry Press.
Drawings, hand, according to the expansion of the figure and the bulk of the different choice of blanking way, including laser, CNC punch, cutting plate, mold, etc., and then according to the drawings to make the appropriate expansion. CNC punch by the impact of the tool, for some special-shaped workpiece and irregular hole processing, there will be a large edge of the burr, to post-deburring treatment, while the accuracy of the workpiece have a certain impact; laser processing without tools Limit, cross-section formation, suitable for special-shaped workpiece processing, but for a small workpiece processing takes a long time. In the CNC and laser placed next to the table, which will help the board placed on the machine for processing, reducing the amount of lifting plate.
Some of the available side material is placed in a designated place to provide material for bending the mold. After the workpiece blanking, the corners, burrs, contacts to carry out the necessary dressing (polished), at the tool joints, with flat rasp for dressing, for the larger burrs workpiece with a grinding machine to trim, small hole contact With the corresponding small file dressing to ensure the appearance of the beautiful, while the shape of the dressing is also made when the bending made to ensure that the bending of the workpiece against the bending machine on the same position to ensure the same batch of product size consistent.
After the blanking is completed, enter the next process, the different parts according to the processing requirements into the corresponding process. There are bending, pressure riveting, flanging tapping, spot welding, convex package, paragraph difference, sometimes in the bend after one or two to the nut or stud pressure, which has a mold convex and the difference between the area to consider First processing, so as not to deal with other processes will interfere, can not complete the required processing. When there is a hook on the cover or the lower shell, it can not be welded before bending.
Bend the first to be based on the size of the drawings, the thickness of the material to determine the use of bending tools and knife slot, to avoid collision with the product caused by deformation of the mold is the key to the selection (in the same product, may be used Different models of the model), the choice of the next model according to the thickness of the plate to determine. Followed by determining the order of bending, bending the general rule is the first after the outside, the first small after the big, the first special after the ordinary. The workpiece must be crushed to the first part of the workpiece bent to 30 ° -40 °, and then use the flat die to crush the workpiece.
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