The problem of automobile sheet metal maintenance


   With the rapid development of the automobile industr […]

   With the rapid development of the automobile industry in our country, the number of cars in our country increases with each passing day, and the repair work such as body collision has gradually become one of the important parts of automobile maintenance. The body repair can not only stay in the body appearance of recovery, more importantly, the performance of the vehicle recovery, especially the body safety and other aspects of the performance must be guaranteed.
   If you want to do a good job of car body maintenance, you need to adopt the correct and reasonable repair process. The modern automobile equipment maintenance is green, environmental protection, light weight and low carbon factors for the purpose of construction is required to break the traditional body according to new materials and new technology and new method, fast and convenient and efficient completion of BIW repair operation.
   Therefore, we need to have a certain theoretical basis to master all kinds of body structure, materials and processes, and have strong practical skills, high-quality, high-level practical metal sheet maintenance personnel.
   Maintenance industry of our country automobile sheet metal in question, discusses the requirements of automobile sheet metal repair process, and puts forward the prospect of automobile sheet metal repair technology, hoping to help the automobile maintenance personnel to improve the maintenance quality of sheet metal process in daily work.