Technique of laser cutting in sheet metal processing


There are many tricks in the time of use of the optical […]

There are many tricks in the time of use of the optical fiber laser cutting machine, which can greatly advance the power of the machine. Now let's give you a brief introduction to how to use these tips.
1, At least once a week, a vacuum cleaner is used to eradicate the waste dust and residue in the machine. All electrical cabinet should be sealed to prevent dust from entering.
2. The double focal laser cutting on the laser cutting machine is the most simply lost item, and the long term application will make the laser cut out of the original.
3, Time keeping repair fiber laser cutting the steel strip to ensure that the steel belt is tightened. Since there is a doubt in the work, it is very possible to bring a certain Shanghai, even to the death of the operator.
4, We often finish the guide way of fiber laser cutting machine, remove the dust, waste and other debris on the rails. In order to ensure the machine works normally, we must wipe the rack regularly, and add some lubricating oil to the punctuality so as to ensure that there is no impurity in the lubrication. The guide rail must be cleaned and lubricated regularly, and the motor must be punctual and lubricated. This ensures the accuracy and accuracy of the machine. The effect is naturally progressive quality.
5, Punctuality check the straightness of the fiber laser cutting equipment and the verticality of the machine. The inspection period is best not to exceed half a year. It is found that damage or consumption will be maintained and debugged immediately. In this way, the effect of cutting the machine will be numbered, the cutting fault is reduced a lot, and the progress of cutting the quality is also the work of reason.
It is a few in Shenzhen when the laser cutting of sheet metal processing using tips introduction and notes, there are many ways to enhance the power equipment and the effect of the laser incision, master and use these fiber laser cutting method and using the trick boot, our work is undoubtedly be of great advantage, is also great the effect on the quality of cut goods forward.