Teach you how to distinguish between sheet metal painting


   In our daily life, our car will inevitably have some […]

   In our daily life, our car will inevitably have some small scratches. Maybe the traces of the paint aren't big enough, but they still feel bad for the car lovers. It's necessary to do sheet metal painting for cars, but most people don't know about professional sheet metal painting, nor do they worry about being fooled by maintenance masters. Then, how to identify the quality of sheet metal?
   One  Look at the drying degree of the paint film
   We can go to the press with finger paint hard, look at it or leave clear lines. There is a dry hand effect, dry film surface is not leave any imprint.
   Two  look at the fullness of the paint film
   It is one of the ways to test the quality of the film to see whether it is full or not. Generally speaking, a good paint film feels that the paint has a layer of oil on it. It looks shiny and full. If the film is painted too thick, the paint color does not look bright enough and has a cloudy feel. If the paint is too thin, the gloss of the finish is not enough, and the color of the paint becomes dim.
   Three  look at the paint dust accumulation
   Technically excellent sheet metal painting, there will be no dust accumulation on the paintwork. When some repair master does not operate properly, or spray paint during the air without filtering, you will see some small pits in the paint, or "dirty, oil", it is the existence of dust paint the surface of our.
   Four   look at the paint's color restoration
   This is very good understanding, that is, to see whether the paint paint paint and the original car paint color is consistent, the higher the degree of color reduction, the better the quality. We can drive the car to a light spot and observe it from many angles. The front, side, front view, and side view are used to see the color contrast between the paint and the paint.
   Five   look at the finish of the particle evenness
   Stand at the distance of 10 to 20cm from the car, check the paint on the glitter pearl particles and silver particles, to see whether they are consistent with the spray paint of the original car. In addition, you can check the edge of the paint to see if it is smooth, gently touch, no scratch feeling.