Sheet metal processing trends


Sheet metal processing is currently a very important me […]

Sheet metal processing is currently a very important metal processing technology, in our position is very high. This technique is generally an important process for forming precision sheet metal products. In fact, the sheet metal processing technology is very large, including not only the overall laser cutting blanking, blanking, bending and other methods and process parameters, but also includes a variety of cold stamping die structure and process parameters, A variety of equipment works and methods of operation, and even contains new stamping technology and new technology.
At present, China's sheet metal processing technology development is very fast. Because in all industries need to use the technology of processed parts. Without this technology, its development may not be so good performance, or even can not guarantee the development of the industry. At present, China's material production chimneys, iron drums, fuel tanks, ventilation pipes and other materials are made of sheet metal processing.
Although sheet metal processing is a very important technology, but its definition is not clearly defined. In fact, each expert, even everyone in the industry, knows differently about them. No matter what the definition is, people behave the same way.
Sheet metal processing is generally the metal processing, are cold. Cold working refers to the metal below the recrystallization temperature plastic deformation of the processing technology, such as cold-rolled, cold drawn, cold forging. Large cold deformation resistance, the metal forming the same time, you can use the work hardening to improve the hardness and strength of the workpiece, but will reduce the plasticity. Cold working for processing cross-sectional size, processing size and surface roughness requirements of the precision sheet metal parts.