Sheet metal processing products


Because of its material for the metal sheet, in additio […]

Because of its material for the metal sheet, in addition to most of the material outside the stainless steel is anti-corrosion rust and oxidation
     1. Sheet metal processing industry commonly used materials are: SUS stainless steel, SECC electrolytic plate, SGCC galvanized sheet, SPCC cold rolled sheet, SPHC hot rolled plate, AL aluminum, SPTE tinplate, except stainless steel, other materials are generally required anti-rust Oxidation.
     2.SUS stainless steel corrosion: passivation treatment
     3.SECC electrolytic plate, SGCC galvanized sheet, SPTE tinplate these three kinds of material products, because the material itself is not easy to rust the surface coating, but the cutting surface is very easy to health, anti-corrosion methods: A. Cutting surface painted silver paint; B . Cut the surface anti-rust agent; C. The whole product with anti-rust agent. (Rust inhibitor is a fast-volatile anti-rust chemical reagents, does not hurt the product appearance and performance)
     4.SPCC cold-rolled plate, SPHC hot-rolled plate corrosion methods: A. plating; B paint; C. spray
     5. AL aluminum corrosion method: A. Anodized; B. Baking; C. Spray