Sheet metal processing method


1, cutting: The cutting is the material that is cut int […]

1, cutting:
The cutting is the material that is cut into the desired shape according to the unwind. Cutting a lot of ways, according to the type of machine and working principle can be divided into shear, punching, laser cutting.
1.1 Cut - Cut the desired shape with a shearing frame. Accuracy can reach more than 0.2mm, mainly for cutting the material or cut the net material.
1.2 Punch cutting - cutting with CNC punch (NC) or ordinary punch. The accuracy of the two cutting methods can reach more than 0.1mm, but the former will be cut in the cutting edge and the efficiency is relatively low, the latter high efficiency, but a single high cost, suitable for mass production.
1.2.1 CNC punch presses are fixed by the upper and lower mold, the table moves to punch the plate, processing the required workpiece shape. Our CNC punch presses are mainly Taiwan Li Fu and AMADA two.
1.2.2 ordinary punch is through the upper and lower mold movement, the use of blanking die out of the required material parts shape. Ordinary presses must be matched with the shearing machine in order to rush out the required shape, that is, the first cut with a shearing shears, and then punch out the required material parts and pieces.
1.3 laser cutting - the use of laser cutting equipment for continuous cutting of the plate, get the required material shape. It is characterized by high precision and can be processed with a very complex shape of the material, but the processing cost is relatively high.
2, forming:
Sheet metal forming is the most important form of sheet metal processing. The forming can be divided into two types: hand forming and machine forming. Hand-formed often as a supplementary processing or finishing work, rarely used. But in the processing of some of the shape is more complex or prone to deformation of the material, still can not do without hand-forming. Hand forming is done using some simple fixture. Mainly used the following methods: bending, edge, side edge, arch, curling and school shape and so on.
Here we mainly discuss the machine forming: bending forming, forming stamping.
2.1 bending forming - the upper and lower mold were fixed in the folding bed up and down the table, the use of servo motor drive the relative movement of the table, combined with the upper and lower mold shape, in order to achieve the bending of the plate shape. Bending forming accuracy can reach 0.1mm.
2.2 stamping forming - the use of motor-driven flywheel power generated by the upper mold, combined with the upper and lower mold relative shape, so that deformation of the plate to achieve the processing of materials and forming. The precision of the press forming can reach more than 0.1mm. Punch can be divided into ordinary punch and high-speed presses.
3, connection
Sheet metal joints are different materials and parts through some way together, so as to get the required products. Sheet metal connection can be divided into: welding, riveting, thread connection.
3.1 welding can be divided into: CO2 welding, Ar welding, resistance welding and so on.
3.1.1 CO2 welding processing principle: the use of protective gas (CO2) to the air and molten metal mechanical isolation, to prevent the melting of metal oxidation and nitriding. Mainly used for welding iron, features: strong connection, and sealing performance, Welding is easy to produce deformation. CO2 welding equipment is divided into robot CO2 welding machine and manual CO2 welding machine.
3.1.2 Ar arc welding is mainly used for welding aluminum and stainless steel, its processing principle and advantages and disadvantages and CO2, the equipment is also divided into robot welding and manual welding.
3.1.3 resistance welding works: the use of current through the welding heat generated by the heat, melting the welding pieces to connect the weldment. Equipment mainly Songxing series, Qi Long series.
3.2 riveting can be divided into: pressure riveting joints and rivets and so on. Common riveting equipment pressure riveting machine, riveting gun and POP rivet gun and so on.
3.2.1 pressure riveting connection is the screw, nut into the material, so that it can be threaded through the other parts.
3.2.2 rivet connection is rivets will be two pieces of material riveting together.log on to our official website for more details :