Sheet metal processing is also a metal processing


In the workshop inside the processing of metal parts, m […]

In the workshop inside the processing of metal parts, metal parts are generally required for cutting, bending, welding and so on the process, which requires under such processes.
What are the basic requirements of the sheet metal processing workshop?
1. Sound insulation is good Generally, sheet metal processing will produce greater noise, so sheet metal processing plants are generally built far away from residential areas, but in order to prevent noise nuisance, it is best to do related to want to noise The handling, that is, the construction of the shop floor needs to take this noise into consideration.
2. Ventilation and ventilation In the sheet metal processing, the machine and the welding process will cause the spread of heat, while the indoor heat accumulation too much, and accompanied by some metal processing of the sheet metal processing workers on the health is also unfavorable, Therefore, the best workshop to maintain ventilation.
3. Wide workshop space Because the workshop is stacked inside a few brief description of the workpiece, the shape and length are different; and in the process of processing, the staff when operating, there needs to be enough space, which is to avoid In the course of their work caused unnecessary collision.