Sheet metal processing is a rigorous process


The application of sheet metal processing in the field […]

The application of sheet metal processing in the field of CNC machine tools is very common, but we may not know much about the sheet metal processing technology and other aspects of the knowledge, and today the sheet metal processing manufacturers give everyone to popularize this knowledge.
Sheet metal processing factory sheet metal processing is a rigorous process, different parts of the board to take the appropriate performance based on the process. Sheet metal processing process according to the processing order of the material, shape and other decisions, therefore, it is changing, we have to depend on the circumstances. Bending, riveting, tapping tapping, spot welding, convex hull, paragraph difference, and sometimes in the bend one or two after the nut or stud should be good pressure, including punch punch and the poor section of the central thinking First processing, so as to avoid other processes will be processed after the first intervention.
Be sure to bend the first to be based on the size of the drawings, the thickness of the data used to determine the bending tool and sipe, to prevent the collision of the product and the tool is the key to the deformation of mold selection (in the same product may be used Different types of upper die), the choice of mold based on the thickness of the plate to be sure. Followed by the affirmative bending first, the general rule of bending is the first inside and outside, the first small big, the first special after ordinary. The workpiece that is to be crushed is first bent to 30 ° -40 °, then the workpiece is crushed with a leveling die.