Sheet metal has not yet a more complete definition


 According to a definition of a foreign professional jo […]

 According to a definition of a foreign professional journal can be defined as: Sheet metal is a sheet metal (usually 6mm below) an integrated cold processing technology, including cutting, punching / cutting / composite, folding, then, riveting, splicing , Forming (such as car body) and so on. The salient feature is the same part thickness.
1. Is a vehicle maintenance of processing methods, also known as cold do. Said that the direct point, if the appearance of damaged body deformation, you need sheet metal this process to restore the original appearance. The basic tool is a hammer. Different shape of the hammer, horn pieces in the back of the sheet metal, repeated beating, so that the molding. When necessary, but also use the appearance of fixer. This thing is actually welded. Iron ring welded to the body, with a hook to pull out. The area used to repair the depression. Large area of the body is generally difficult to get back a bit flat, so sometimes used to catch fire. Local heating is cooling, the metal shrink. The ultimate goal is to restore the damaged body.
2. Sheet metal: sheet metal, that is, the meaning of sheet metal, thin metal sheet is a series of processing meaning, including folding, cutting, punching, welding, riveting, stitching and other processes

   3. This is a design module, mainly For stuff made of metal stuff. He is different from the real body, the thickness of the entity has changed, but the sheet metal is basically done the same thickness, there are many products made from sheet metal in life.