Sheet metal equipment is an important part of maintenance


    The automobile is the product of industrialization […]

    The automobile is the product of industrialization and modernization. It is an important symbol of human civilization and social progress, and automobile production and automobile quality are important signs of measuring the level of development, technological level and economic strength of a country's productivity. At present the domestic auto industry to flourish, flourishing: many models, technical structure of the vehicle has changed dramatically, the automotive repair industry has changed from the concept of repair, repair technology, equipment, testing, repair systems, methods and standards etc. . The level of vehicle maintenance quality, it is to ensure the normal operation of an important part of the car.
Car in use, need to be maintained and repaired. Therefore, the quality of a car including the performance, fuel consumption, life expectancy and appearance of a car depends not only on the quality of production of the car but also on the quality of the car's maintenance. Maintenance process is also the production process, is to restore and maintain the quality of automobile production process. Advanced auto industry countries, its advanced maintenance equipment, high-quality maintenance. Equipment and tools play a significant role in the level of service quality, but also to measure an important indicator of the level of a car repair business repair capacity levels, maintenance of productive investment enterprise is an essential means of a substance, to reflect the management level, Drive and promote the maintenance of enterprises to the modernization of management. Take the body repair, the body repair and surface shaping industry is particularly prominent. China's auto industry according to market needs, the car body has been the development of the overall body structure, production, widely used new materials, new equipment and new technology and other latest scientific and technological achievements. In addition, the terms of the degree of repair, repair unibody structure, must have a new set of equipment, to improve the quality of vehicle repair, improve efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and even improve the overall level repair industry and so played a positive role. At the same time, advanced equipment also provides a convenient and efficient repair, creating a comfortable working environment.