Sheet metal characteristics of the new process


1: The traditional sheet metal processing technology, t […]

1: The traditional sheet metal processing technology, the workpiece consists of several parts. Now a cut bend is done. Reached the process of reducing the process, shorten the construction period, reduce the cost of the purpose of sheet metal equipment.
2: The laser cutting fine, high precision features, a cut (with micro-convergence), with four bending, the completion of the four work pieces. Breaking the traditional design ideas, reached a shorter duration, reduce the cost of purpose.
3: The traditional sheet metal processing technology, configuration for the welding fixture. Now use similar parts between woodworking tenon technology, positioning accurate, saving time, welding fixture is simple, small deformation products. Reached a shorter duration, reduce costs, improve the quality of purpose.
4: Multi-bending process in the domestic box manufacturing industry has been improved. The benefit is the elimination of the traditional stiffeners. It has its design and technology common center. So as to achieve the purpose of producing high quality and low cost. In practice, but also with the spot welding.