Several Methods for Identifying the Quality of Automotive Sheet Metal Painting


   1, look at the dry quality of the film    With the f […]

   1, look at the dry quality of the film
   With the fingers of the pressure to see whether there is a clear hand painted lines, hand pattern to prove that the paint film dry bad
   2, see whether the color of paint and vitality consistent color
(The eyes do not stay too long, which will cause visual fatigue, usually 7-10 seconds) positive look and side of the strabismus (the first part of the car to a good environment, 30-45 degrees) cross feeling, dark, bright color light ratio, light-colored light backlit ratio
   3, look at the fullness of the film, paint uniformity
   Look at the fullness of the paint film, the film is too thick feeling very muddy, paint color is not bright, too thin paint film bright enough, paint color dark. The normal feeling like a layer of oil on the paint floating.Paint the uniformity of the paint face mirror effect, strabismus paint evenly, some repair workers that no paint pattern, it is impossible, that is, finishing light, the original paint also, no paint effect but not good
   4, the paint is gray, flow paint
   When the spray or paint room air is not filtered or improper filtration, there are some skilled workers inappropriate construction, there will be dust accumulated in the paint surface, the formation of pitting, commonly known as "dirty point"
   5, metal paint particles are uniform
   (10-500px) to see the size of the lacquered particles, color, arrangement, how much is consistent with the original paint
   6, the test of automotive paint materials
This is not very clear test methods, the need for professional knowledge, because good and bad paint in a short time there will be no big difference, some of the main role of paint like anti-aging, anti-some environmental corrosion are short time comparison Do not come out, you can choose the credibility of the better business, in the car before you can understand the opportunity to see good or bad, do not have to choose 4s shop, technicians are not careful enough, there is no matter how good the paint, No good paint, and then high mechanic, and then advanced equipment is furnishings
   7, the detection of automotive sheet metal
   This is not professional is difficult to find shortcomings, mainly by the credibility of the enterprise, you can do a simple check, the edge is uniform, y and the original size difference.