Quality assurance is an important factor in the development of sheet metal processing


   To do sheet metal processing, customer demand is ver […]

   To do sheet metal processing, customer demand is very important, but more important is the quality of sheet metal parts. Therefore, strict quality control, strict supervision in the production process, the development of monitoring process, and strict implementation is very important. Poly junction sheet metal processing plant has strong technical strength, the company customers nationwide and exported to foreign countries, in china. Such a huge customer base, plus sheet metal processing plant in detail, strict quality control, product excellence, in the industry has won an excellent reputation.
   To produce good quality sheet metal parts, we must strictly control and fully understand the needs of customers. Sheet metal processing small batch, variety, easy to change the development of new products, if the control is not good, it is prone to quality problems, so the combination of sheet metal processing factory in the following aspects are very cautious, in order to achieve the needs of customers and products:
    Knowledge of customer requirements, understanding of customer's sheet metal products when contacting new or new orders, and understanding the appearance, size requirements and product usage of the sheet metal products.
   Understand customer requirements for sheet metal products, according to different customers choose different product technology, while the process notes: such as sheet metal surface can not scratch.
   The Engineering Department of the production process of the drawings, artisans draw good map to go through another craftsman check, check after the completion of the NC machining workshop signed after the first batch of data to all inspection, (CNC punch, laser cutting machine, etc.) to check the workpiece, including size, extension etc.. Mass production must be the first sheet metal parts of the first test qualified, in order to mass production. 5 ~ 9u2. When bending, the bending direction and the size of the bending parts are confirmed first, and then the batch production is started. Replace the operator or change the mold, re check the finished product, finished product or finished product. After bending, inspect the sample according to the drawing requirement, check the size by sampling. At the same time, the overall inspection of the appearance, the unqualified sheet metal parts should be adjusted in time, re examined. At the same time fill in the inspection report of surface treatment, comprehensive inspection sheet surface treatment of the goods, not through the first piece inspection of sheet metal parts shall not be transported or requires the operator to check sheets, perform the same operation inspection, inspection qualified inspectors check the library. If the operator does not check, the product does not charge, although customer orders urgent, we must ensure that quality first, second sheet metal processing speed concept.