Quality assurance is an important factor in the development of sheet metal processing


   Do a good job of sheet metal processing, customer de […]

   Do a good job of sheet metal processing, customer demand is very important, but more important is the quality of sheet metal parts. Therefore, strict quality control, in the production process, strict supervision, development of monitoring process, and strict implementation is very important. Poly joint sheet metal processing plant strong technical force, the company customers nationwide and exported to foreign countries and throughout China. Such a large customer base, together with the sheet metal processing plant in the details of strict quality control, product excellence, in the industry won an excellent reputation.
   To produce good quality sheet metal pieces, must be strictly controlled, and fully understand the needs of customers. Sheet metal processing small batch, variety, the newly developed products easy to change, if the control is not good, it is easy to quality problems, so the joint sheet metal processing plant in the following several aspects have been very careful to achieve customers and products The need for:
   Understand customer requirements, when exposed to new varieties or new orders to customers when the sheet metal products to do a certain understanding, and understand the customer's sheet metal products, appearance, size requirements, and product use.
   Understand the customer's requirements for sheet metal products, according to different customer's products to choose a different process, while in the process of drawing notes: such as sheet metal surface can not scratch and so on.
   Engineering department to get the drawings for the production process, craftsmen painted a good map to go through another craftsman to check, after the completion of the inspection signed to the workshop after the NC cut, the first batch of data to be carried out a full inspection, ( CNC punch, laser cutting machine, etc.) to check the workpiece, including size, expand and so on. High-volume production must be the first piece of sheet metal pieces of the first test qualified to mass production. 5 ~ 9u2. Bend when the bending direction and bending the size of the first piece of confirmation, confirmed after the start of mass production. Replace the operator or replace the mold to re-check the finished product, the finished product or bending finished finished according to the requirements of the drawings to check the size of the sample inspection to confirm each size. At the same time to the appearance of the full inspection, non-qualified sheet metal parts to timely adjustment, check again. At the same time fill in the inspection report form surface treatment, the surface treatment of the appearance of the sheet metal full inspection delivery, not through the inspection of the sheet metal parts shall not be shipped the first piece of sheet metal requirements operator inspection, finished the same operation Inspection, inspection after the inspection by qualified inspectors to library. Such as the operator does not check, this product is no fee Although the customer orders anxious, be sure to ensure quality first, the speed of the second sheet metal processing concept.