Precision sheet metal processing process


First: the design and drawing of its sheet metal parts […]

First: the design and drawing of its sheet metal parts of the map, also known as the three views, its role is to use the drawings of its sheet metal structure to express it.
Second: draw the expansion diagram, that is, a complex structure of the parts into a flat piece.
Third: cutting, cutting the way there are many kinds
Fourth: flanging tapping, flanging also called pumping hole, is in a smaller base hole on a slightly larger hole, and then tapping on the hole. This can increase its strength and avoid the sliding teeth.
Fifth: punch processing, the general punch processing punching angle, punching blanking, red convex package, red tear, pumping holes and other processing methods to achieve the purpose of processing.
Sixth: pressure riveting, riveting on the factory, often used pressure riveting studs, riveting nuts, riveting screws, etc., the pressure riveting method generally through the punch or hydraulic riveting machine to complete the operation, Its riveting to sheet metal pieces.
Seventh: bending, bending is the 2D plate pieces, folded into 3D parts. Its processing requires a folding bed and the corresponding bending mold to complete the operation. It also has a certain bending order, the principle is not the next knife does not interfere with the first fold, will produce interference after the fold
Eighth: welding, welding is a number of parts group welded together to achieve the purpose of processing or a single part of the seam welding to increase its strength.
Ninth: surface treatment, surface treatment generally have phosphating film, electroplating multicolor zinc, chromate, paint, oxidation, etc.