Inspection standard of screen printing in sheet metal processing


One: the process of sheet metal screen printing, silk s […]

One: the process of sheet metal screen printing, silk screen common defects
1: foreign objects: screen printing, film attached to dust, spots or filamentous foreign body.
2, show: because the printing position is too thin dew color screen.
3, from the printing position: not to screen.
4, fuzzy / broken; poor screen printing, silk screen lines and patterns uneven thickness, blurred, part of the line is not connected.
5, silk screen thickness uneven: as a result of improper screen printing operations, resulting in dot, line or pattern of silk screen thickness uneven.
6, dislocation: due to the location of screen printing is not allowed, silk screen offset.
7, poor adhesion: silk screen coating adhesion is not enough, with 3M tape can be affixed.
8, pinhole: film surface can see the needle shaped hole.
9. Scratches / scratches: poor protection after screen printing.
10, variegated / stains: non silk screen color attached to the silk screen surface.
11: color difference: compared with the standard color palette, the color is deviation
Two: commonly used sheet metal processing terminology explanation
1, class a surface: can directly face the external surface, such as the front of the cabinet, hereinafter referred to as A surface.
2, B level surface: not obvious outside and open the door will be able to face the internal surface, such as the rear surface of the cabinet, hereinafter referred to as the B surface.
3, C level surface, difficult to observe the internal and external surface, such as the bottom of the cabinet, hereinafter referred to as the C surface.
Three: sheet metal processing process, silk screen inspection environment
1, photometric: 200-300LX (equivalent to 40W fluorescent lamp distance is 750MM)
2. The product shall be tested and the visual direction of the inspector shall be about 45 degrees, and the time will be about 10 seconds
3. The visual direction of the tester is as follows: surface grade: 400MM, B, surface: 500MM, C, surface: 800MM