How to draw sheet metal stiffeners


Sheet metal stiffeners can be divided into planar stiff […]

Sheet metal stiffeners can be divided into planar stiffeners, curved stiffeners, and reinforced sockets. The shape of the sheet metal must be determined according to the shape and thickness of the sheet metal part. There is no absolute stiffener in the sheet metal part. What kind of condition, as long as the tensile conditions of sheet metal are satisfied, then the structure of the reinforcing ribs can be determined according to the actual conditions of the equipment, such as shutters, depressions, etc. However, in the case of more complex ribs, the stamping function can be used. Such as the following I-shaped ribs, in the hope of 3D, if you use the recess function, it is difficult to make such ribs, you can apply the function of the modeling module to achieve:
1. Draw an I-shaped sketch and stretch the sheet metal to increase the thickness
2. Execute the stamping command, select the corresponding parameter, you can draw the corresponding reinforcement shape.

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