Heavy-duty cold working in sheet metal machining


What we mean by sheet metal machining is cutting the ex […]

What we mean by sheet metal machining is cutting the excess metal layer from the metal material (blank) or workpiece with the cutting tool, so that the workpiece has a shape, size accuracy and surface roughness of the processing methods. Different processing technology to create the finished product performance is not the same, some high precision metal parts, we will use the cold processing method, in the sheet metal processing technology, and thermal processing is the corresponding cold work, it refers to below the recrystallization temperature Metal deformation of the plastic processing technology, such as cold-rolled, cold drawn, cold forging, stamping, cold extrusion. Large cold deformation resistance, the metal forming the same time, you can use the work hardening to improve the hardness and strength of the workpiece, but will reduce the plasticity. Cold working for processing cross-sectional size, processing size and surface roughness of the higher metal parts.