Furniture sheet metal processing mainly refers to what aspects?


The following let sheet metal processing manufacturers […]

The following let sheet metal processing manufacturers to introduce you.
Home appliances in the refrigerator, cabinets, washing machines and some stoves will be applied to the sheet metal processing technology, these metal furniture parts, the angle between some of the parts bending, stamping, cutting all belong to the scope of sheet metal processing technology, in particular Cutting between metal workpieces and metal workpieces is generally possible with laser cutting, so that metal materials can be precisely cut without being wasted.
In the sheet metal processing is a part of the process, including NC NC cutting and laser cutting is the two more commonly used methods, what is the difference? The following sheet metal processing manufacturers for your introduction.
1. NC NC cutting, NC cutting the first to write NC machining program, the use of programming software, the drawing will be drawn into NC NC lathe machine can identify the program, according to these programs step by step in the flat on the red Cut the shape of flat plate pieces, but the knot
Constructed by the tool structure, low cost, accuracy of 0.15.
2. Laser cutting, is the use of laser cutting, the structure of the flat panel on the shape of the plate cut out, the same NC cutting the need to write the laser program, which can be under a variety of complex shapes of flat parts, high cost, accuracy At 0.1.