Do not underestimate the processing of sheet metal parts


Sheet metal processing parts is small, looks very simpl […]

Sheet metal processing parts is small, looks very simple, but please don't underestimate it, but the small parts, sheet metal processing process is very complicated, the sheet metal processing carefully step by step to complete the process, sheet metal processing parts can not be underestimated, broad and profound metal processing technology, sheet metal processing parts of the play is also very perfect the.
Although the parts are small, the processing technology of the sheet metal is very precise. The basic requirements of sheet metal processing has the aerodynamic shape of the parts surface shape accuracy, smoothness, streamline; skeleton parts with minimum weight to maintain the highest efficiency structure; all sheet metal parts processing and storage in the use of the prescribed period has the requirements of strength, stiffness and fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance the physical and chemical properties. Sheet metal parts are not only complex in shape, but also need to use a variety of high specific strength, heat resistant and corrosion resistant materials. Among the various materials, the largest amount of material is the hard aluminum, the superhard aluminum and the antirust aluminum alloy. Cr - Ni - Ti stainless steel is widely used in rocket engines. Titanium alloy is not only higher in strength, but also better in heat and corrosion resistance, and its proportion in sheet metal parts is increasing. It is mainly used for manufacturing skin, framed and cylinder parts.
The parts of sheet metal processing are small, but the process of sheet metal processing is very strict. Please don't underestimate.