Choose sheet metal processing technology structure


   Cold work structure of the sheet metal processing pa […]

   Cold work structure of the sheet metal processing parts with high strength, low quality, simple processing. Shape formation, less processing margin, etc., while the cold structure of the structure by force and the design requirements of the corresponding structure. But the cold sheet metal processing has its particularity, and thus structural treatment due to meet the characteristics of cold sheet metal processing.
   Reduce welding as much as possible:
   Welding will cause deformation, and welding surface treatment is not beautiful, affecting production efficiency, the other can change the process to replace the welding.
   1. Instead of welding with stamping. Beautiful, not deformation, but sometimes to open a simple mold.
   2. Eliminate the role of little welding. For the smaller or only the role of the role of the weld, indirect welding can be used instead of continuous welding.
   3, the use of riveting instead of welding, save time, no deformation, Micron.
   And technical requirements under the premise of its embryo promised to small spell large, so you can reduce the corner of the remaining material. Reduce the cost, according to the size of the plate, you can choose to set the length of the plate length.
   Easy to manufacture:
   In order to meet the technical requirements at the same time, the use of the requirements should be based on the actual production capacity of enterprises, giving priority to the production process simple sheet metal processing methods to reduce costs and improve production efficiency.
Reasonable selection, cold sheet metal raw materials according to material points, carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, aluminum and so on. According to the characteristics of rolling section shape, there are plates, profiles, wire.