Cabinet sheet metal laser cutting considerations


1, Chassis cabinet material point of view: Sheet metal […]

1, Chassis cabinet material point of view: Sheet metal chassis cabinet is the choice of most people, but in the choice of chassis cabinets, the plate to choose relatively thick.
2, The chassis cabinet layout view: In this one is mainly considered the issue of heat, we all know that such equipment will generate a lot of heat at run time, then when we buy, we must take this into account.
2,So when buying, where should we look? Sheet metal chassis manufacturers analysis, select the cabinet baffle to be more, but also have cooling holes, while the side wall fans should be installed in the rear wall, in addition, the top of the roof with at least two to four fans. Also have a fixed cable sheathing, so that you can prevent damage to the cable.
3, The accessories point of view: chassis sheet metal manufacturers introduced the installation, including the installation of network cables, telecommunications cables and power cables, the need to buy hook and loop or toothed belt to effectively orderly cable fixed inside the cabinet. If the cabinet with cable management module allows the cable can be fixed directly in the vertical mounting rail.