Baichao won a good reputation as precision sheet metal industry


Baichao's main products includes include sheet metal parts processing, chassis cabinet products,stainless steel products etc

Baichao won a good reputation in sheet metal industry. The company's performance had been growing at an average of 45% since 2009,and became a leading enterprise in precision sheet metal industry especially in Sheet metal fabrication.Our main products includes:

One, sheet metal parts processing

Including: equipment sheet metal chassis, chassis and shields, instrument housing, aluminum profile housing, non-standard sheet metal parts and various complete sets of equipment. Can also design and produce non-standard sheet metal parts according to customer requirements.

Second, the chassis cabinet products

Including: server cabinets, network cabinets, PS cabinets, industrial control cabinets, high and low voltage switchgear, monitoring video wall, console, multimedia platform, worktables and other products.

Third, stainless steel products

Guard rails, stair railings, light box billboards, flagpoles, sun sheds, guard posts, letter boxes, shuiyaozi, water tanks, display racks, furniture, office partitions, cabinets, and non-standard stainless steel products.

Fourth, steel structure manufacturing

Grid structure steel structure, heavy steel structure, light steel structure, steel structure of parking lot, steel structure of active house, steel structure of work shed, canopy steel structure, steel structure of warehouse, steel structure of exhibition hall, light pole of road, monitoring pole, road traffic Signs and other products.

Baichao adhere to the business philosophy of “Quality First, Credit First, and Service First”, focusing on the future of rapid development of science and technology, constantly improving our own design and processing capabilities, improving quality, and ensuring that our products are more aesthetically pleasing in appearance. More reasonable.