Automobile sheet metal


SheetMetal in English is a technical means of vehicle m […]

SheetMetal in English is a technical means of vehicle maintenance and repair, the automobile sheet metal is equal to the auto body repair, refers to the car after the collision to repair the body, which in addition to the spraying work of anticorrosion and decoration on the body outside the rest of all work. Such as car body damage analysis, car body measurement, automobile body sheet metal shaping, tensile correction, stress relief welding, and auto body accessory assembly, adjustment and so on.
Automobile sheet metal is a kind of processing method for automobile maintenance. It is also called "cold work", and said "direct point". If the appearance of the car body is damaged and deformed, it needs the process of sheet metal. The car crash repair has been developed from the original "smashing, welding and mending" to the two assembly of the car body. Repair of vehicle collision accidents is no longer a simple car sheet metal hammering, repair quality can not rely solely on the human eye to observe the appearance of the vehicle, the gap. Maintenance personnel not only to understand the technical parameters and the size of the body, the body must grasp the material characteristics, characteristics of the force transfer body deformation trend and force and production process of the body such as welding etc.. Based on mastering this knowledge, maintenance personnel must use advanced measurement tools, through the three-dimensional measurement of vehicle accurate, direct and indirect damage to determine the body deformation, and because the body deformation of the existence of hidden dangers, formulate a complete body repair scheme, then combined with three dimensional data maintenance process correctly and accurately fit of each key point, the body of each key point, return to the original position of the damaged body restored to factory state.log on to our official website for more details :