Analysis of the cause of production error in laser cutting of precision sheet metal parts


The accuracy of sheet metal laser cutting is an importa […]

The accuracy of sheet metal laser cutting is an important part of measuring the quality of laser cutting machine. However, the accuracy of laser cutting is not entirely determined by the device itself, but is composed of many factors.
1. The size of the light spot after the laser beam is focused.
The smaller the laser beam is, the smaller the spot, the higher the cutting precision, especially the smaller slit, and the smallest spot can reach 0.01mm.
2, Repeat precision table positioning accuracy determines the cutting.
The higher the precision of the worktable, the higher the precision of the cutting.
3, The greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the precision, the greater the cutting seam.
Because the laser beam is conical, the slit is also conical, and the stainless steel with a thickness of 0.3MM is much smaller than the slit of the 2MM.
4. The material of the workpiece has a certain influence on the precision of laser cutting.
In the same case, the cutting precision of stainless steel is higher than that of aluminum, and the cutting surface is smooth.