Stainless steel processing points of attention


    Stainless steel processing as a metal processing, p […]

    Stainless steel processing as a metal processing, pay attention to what? Today's editor will take you to find out!
1. Processing area: stainless steel processing area should be relatively fixed. Stainless steel processing zone platform should take isolation measures, such as laying rubber pads and so on. Stainless steel processing area of the set management, civilized production should be strengthened in order to avoid damage to the stainless steel parts and pollution.
2. Unloading: stainless steel parts cutting or plasma cutting, sawing and so on.
a. Shear: When shearing, it should be isolated from the feeding stand, and the hopper should be covered with a rubber pad to avoid scratching.
b. plasma cutting: plasma cutting, cutting slag should be cleaned. Batch cutting, the finished part should promptly clean up the scene, in order to avoid cutting the workpiece on the stains.
c. Saw cutting: Saw cutting, the clamp should be rubber protection, should be cleaned after sawing the oil on the workpiece, residue and so on. Machining: stainless steel parts in the car, milling and other mechanical processing should also pay attention to protection, work should be completed clean the surface of the workpiece oil, iron and other debris. Molding: In the coil, bending process, should take effective measures to avoid scratches and creases on the surface of stainless steel parts.